Attraction, Hicksian Law, and The Principle
Attraction, Hicksian Law, and The Principle
by True Indigo

It appears two identifiable camps have developed in the world of attraction. The first camp have read or heard about the idea of aligning one’s thoughts, vibrations and attention toward manifesting the attraction of external objects (abundance) into one’s field of experience; while a second, larger camp, the Hicksians, believe that it is the focusing of wants and desires to properly align the person into receiving these external objects of abundance. Some people, on the other hand, are not satisfied with either explanation, and these are the lucky ones. They are lucky because being unaligned with either camp allows the intellectual freedom to explore new options.

Camp one is much closer to the actual mechanism in attracting external objects into one’s experience, except that at some point it becomes very difficult in separating those experiences or objects that were a result of a set intention versus those experiences or objects actually attracted through aligning one’s intention in manifesting. In other words, setting one’s intention to travel along a certain path in life has nothing at all to do with wanting or desiring anything, because intuition provides all the guidance anyone needs to begin aligning themselves with their own internal order. There is no need to intellectualize primary essence. We already know this through our intuition. Listening to that intuition sets the whole thing into motion. At some point, however, experiences and objects begin showing up that could not have arrived had we not set upon the course of our intention. In this sense, we could say our original intention resulted in subsequent attraction.

This is a lovely and complementary orientation, but intention can only result in an attraction to products of abundance in a somewhat random and inconsistent manner. This is because our thoughts or the products of our thoughts exist within a tangled matrix of other thoughts and the products of other thoughts, all colliding and interacting within what is known in science as emergence. Understanding emergence is vital in understanding the true science of success. Emergence is the way complexity arises in any unguided system through the simple interactions of multiple simple elements that form properties that could never be predicted by the elements or their interactions alone. The universe, for example, is one very spacious example of emergence.

To solve this random aspect the Hicksian Law has been invoked. The Hicksian law states that everything that happens to anyone is a result of their thoughts and their thoughts alone. Students of philosophy become aware of two problems arising through this thesis. The first is what is known as fallacy of composition, whereby a fault in logic connects ideas in a series compositionally with an error inside the series. A fallacy in composition arises when what is true of a part is presumed to be true of the whole when logic cannot be supported to prove it. A fallacy of division arises when the opposite occurs, when what is true of a whole is thought to also extend to the parts. A famous fallacy of division resulted in the ancient Greek concept of homeomeria, when it was assumed that because water was wet and iron was hard, then the atoms of water were wet and the atoms of iron were hard. The teachings of Abraham attempt to cover a fallacy of composition with the command This is the way the Universe works. It is Law, complete with underscore.

The actual truth is that every person interacts within an enormous web of thoughts, intentions, and manifestations, and inside this meta-tangle an infinite number of combinations are formed, some of them advantageous to us, and some of them not. Aligning one’s intention in a particular direction permits the alteration in the relative number of advantageous incidents, but cannot uncreate the intentions of others lying outside our experience. Our free will is modified locally through the free will of another, whose free will is modified in turn by ours and yet others inside the meta-tangle.

Next, to make this new law inviolate what is known as a rhetorical tautology is formed. A rhetorical tautology is yet another logical fault that appears logical on the surface, but which is not, something that says, for instance, “it is true because it is true.” Rhetorical tautologies are enfolded logic that cannot be examined because the only way to examine them is through self-referential means, i.e. “attraction results in all attraction.” Somehow the search for an explanation for a mechanism outside the entirety of mechanical universe for altering emergent synergism has resulted in a new mechanism that has no outside mechanism. Chaos theory, butterfly effect, emergence, spontaneous order, and every other scientific explanation for complexity arising in large unguided systems has been entirely supplanted by a universal law propounded by a nice lady from Utah through some invisible friends. Naturally, small pockets of polite resistance to this have politely arisen.

Hicksian attraction using wants and desires probably works very well within the context of selling Amway products, which was the original Hicksian application of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” extension of 19th Century Christian Science think-and-get-rich schema, but wants and desires cannot result in abundance for anyone, because wants and desires are a negative energetic fuel and can only result in locating the products of abundance already created by another person. Abundance cannot be created through wants and desires, nor does it arise through the setting of attention toward the products of abundance already created by another.

The true path to abundance results by getting in touch with one’s own unique self-essence as a fundamental, primary relationship, amplifying the signal issued by this self-essence, generating self-essence intention, and creating what is known as a “gift.” To do this requires not in focusing one’s wants and desires, but in ceasing to want or desire. Not just today, but forever. Wants, wishes, and desires must be completely neutralized, forever. Wanting and desiring anything places a bullet-proof layer of glass between the intuited source of abundance residing inside the experience of every person living and the manifestation of that abundance. Wants and desires feed the lesser embodiment of ego. Abundance never flows from the lesser embodiment of the ego. Abundance only arises from the greater embodiment of self connected to source. For abundance to be created internally, wanting and desiring have the absolute opposite effect. They amplify disempowerment.

This is why attraction can only be a weak force in manifestation. The idea of attraction sounds on the surface as though the external object is “attracted” to us, but of course this is also a logical fallacy. What is attracted is us to it. Just as looking for coins lying upon the ground results in the finding of coins, setting intention toward discovering any product of abundance requires the active intention of locating them. The strong force of attraction is the creation of abundance lying within the experience of the person his or her self. Wanting and desiring as a path to abundance is exceptionally attractive to any disempowered person who has not located the source of their own internal abundance and therefore the source of their unique gift, but these activities can only lead to the locating of the products of abundance created by another person in a localized and non-sequential way.

The true path to abundance is in actively altering the matrix of emergent experience at the set-point of human consciousness existing in every moment through the creation of gift. The more beautiful the gift and the more powerful its underlying form the more this gift will harmonize and resonate with the greatest possible number across the greatest possible range, resulting in the increased abundance of all, and ultimately of the creator, so long as the gift is created with absolutely no attachment to personal increase. That is to say, a want for return cannot be contained within the body of the gift as this dilutes the power of the gift itself. When reviewing the most powerful and the most influential gifts ever manifested and shared with humanity, the salient feature in all of them is that they were shared freely. They were all given away. This is the principle. Only gift produces abundance. Only your abundance can produce a gift that can produce yet more abundance.

And what is your gift? This is so very simple, and requires no law or edict to enforce its conclusions: Your gift is the most beautiful thing you can imagine creating and giving to the world. This is, always has, and always will be the primary principle applied in the creation of all abundance anyone has ever known.

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