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Earth's Pivotal Years by Selacia

Your Guide to Earth's Pivotal Years - A Direct Path to Enlightened Living

by Selacia

The Earth sits at a precipice; people everywhere feel a sense of urgency about the world and our future. We live in extraordinary times with much uncertainty, chaos, and fear. Revolutionary changes are unfolding on every continent, with society being reconfigured from top to bottom. No one knows what’s coming next.

Here are five things you will learn from this book about Earth’s pivotal years:

1.  Humanity’s future is not predestined. We have options and we are at the helm of our life’s journey into the future.

2.  The Earth is changing and evolving—not ending. An awakening is under way across the planet. An energetic call has sounded,   reverberating within humanity’s collective psyche—the sound invites us to awaken fully to our divine nature.

3.  Right now is an extraordinary time. In fact, it is the most important time you could live on Earth. In no other time have you had the opportunities for enlightenment that are possible now. This book will forever change how you think about living in these unique moments.

4.  The divine changemakers are here to create a more positive future. If you are drawn to this book, you are waking up to your divine changemaker role. This book gives you a map of how to make sense of your role and our unprecedented paradigm shift. It will help you to make needed inner changes to progress spiritually and help create a more loving world. You will gain confidence in being able to make positive changes through this book’s take-action guide.

5.  People are conditioned to go outside themselves for answers and to see themselves as victims of circumstance. The unique thing about this book is that it catalyzes inner reflection and active participation in personal self-discovery. The author teaches people how to develop skill with inquiry and how to ask the deeper questions that are needed now. Readers become invested in their own change by better understanding the magnitude of our current crisis, how it affects them personally, and what they can do to create a more light-filled reality. This book helps people to incorporate spirit into everyday life and gives a direct path for enlightened living.

About Selacia

Selacia is an internationally known writer, intuitive healer, and guide to others on the path of spiritual awakening. Author of Your Guide to Earth's Pivotal Years, she has been a writer her entire life. She is a former foreign correspondent with The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and other media. As an international journalist, she has decades of experience in the areas of world politics and social change, healing and consciousness, and spiritual transformation.

In her professional journalism career, she covered the White House, U.S. Congress, G8 meetings, economic summits, key heads of state such as Margaret Thatcher, and world trade talks. During her time in Washington, focusing on politics and macroeconomics, she reported on the Federal Reserve, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and Fannie Mae. This early background gave her an insider's view of today's global economic meltdown and the politics of global imbalances.

Selacia is a pioneer in DNA intuitive healing, serving people everywhere who desire wholeness and a heart-centered life. In her global healing work, she has addressed the United Nations (S.E.A.T.), and her writings are read in sixty-four countries.

Contact Selacia

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