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Gina, Lake
Embracing the Now (Endless Satsang 2008) is a collection of essays by Gina Lake whose common thread is the Now. It is packed with practical advice about how to find happiness by living in the now.

In Embracing the Now, Gina Lake explains how the mind keeps you from being in the now, how to move into the now and stay there, and what living from there is like. It also explains how to overcome stumbling blocks to being in the now, such as fears, doubts, judgments, misunderstandings, distrust of life, desires, and other conditioned ideas that are behind human suffering.

The following is an excerpt.

When you are very present in the moment without giving your full attention to thoughts, as we usually do, you discover that many other things are arising in the moment besides thoughts. The mind discounts these other things as unimportant and uninteresting, so if you keep paying attention to your mind, you never have a real chance to find out about these for yourself. When we finally become disillusioned with the mind’s complaints, judgments, poor guidance, and version of reality, which is generally quite negative, we begin to look outside the mind for true happiness and true guidance, which is where it can be found.

You don’t have control over what arises in any moment, but you can control where your attention goes, and that will determine how you experience the moment. Any moment can be an experience of peace and contentment or one of upset and dissatisfaction, depending on where you put your attention. If you put it on thoughts and emotions and identify with them, you won’t experience peace and contentment, but if you put it on your senses or on what is arising from essence, you will be content and happy. Attention is the secret to happiness!

Gina Lake, after having a spiritual awakening in 1999, has been dedicated to helping people discover their true nature and uncover and heal whatever interferes with that through a counseling practice, through intensives, and through her books. She has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and is also an astrologer and a channel, with a focus on helping people find and fulfill their life purpose. Website: RadicalHappiness.com

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