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The spiritual Heart within each of us is the true source of love, peace, joy, wisdom, strength, and fulfillment. Everything that really matters is found within our own Being. Living from the Heart (CreateSpace 2008) by Nirmala, is a collection of teachings about the heart, designed to lead readers very gradually and yet deeply into experiences of this inner wisdom and capacity for love.

Readers can follow the pointers and exercises in the book and directly experience for themselves the limitless joy and love in their own Being. It is profoundly freeing to find that everything that really matters in life is already here inside of us.

The first part of the book, From the Heart: Dropping out of Your Mind and Into Your Being, introduces the reader to the spiritual Heart and the capacity it gives us to look out at the world with an open, loving, and complete perspective. It offers simple ways to shift into a more open and accepting perspective and to experience your true nature as aware space.

An excerpt from Living from the Heart follows.

The Heart is wise and accurate and can show you how true it is to stay or go, how true it is to buy a house, how true it is to take a new job, even how true it is to eat another cookie. But it also can show you much more of the possibilities inherent in this life and much more of the truth of your ultimate Being. In relation to these bigger truths, the practical questions of your life turn out to be relatively small matters. Using your Heart only to know things like what to do or where to live is like using a global positioning satellite system to find the way from your bedroom to your bathroom; it utilizes only a small part of your Heart’s capacity.

However, following your Heart day in and day out can put you in touch with the richness of the functioning of this dimension of your Being. Along the way, you may also find your Heart opening in response to the deeper movements of Being that touch every life.

You may think it matters what happens. But what if the only thing that matters is where you are experiencing from, where you are looking from? What if you could experience all of life from a spacious, open perspective where anything can happen and there is room for all of it, where there is no need to pick and choose, to put up barriers or resist any of it, where nothing is a problem and everything just adds to the richness of life?What if this open, spacious perspective was the most natural and easy thing to do?

It may sound too good to be true, but we all have a natural capacity to experience life in this way. The only requirement is to look from the Heart instead of from the eyes and the head—and not just to look, but to listen and feel and sense from the Heart.

After a lifetime of spiritual seeking, Nirmala met his teacher, Neelam, a devotee of H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji). After experiencing a profound spiritual awakening in India, he has been offering satsang (gatherings for the truth) in the U.S. and internationally since 1998. Nirmala offers a unique vision and a gentle, compassionate approach, which adds to this rich tradition of inquiry into our true nature. He is the author of several books, including Living from the Heart, Nothing Personal: Seeing Beyond the Illusion of a Separate Self, and Gifts with No Giver. Website: Endless-Satsang.


Self-Inquiry, Satsang With Nirmala - Part 1

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Self-Inquiry, Satsang With Nirmals - Part 2

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Self-Inquiry, Satsang With Nirmala - Part 3

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