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Mariangela, Pino, True North
SPIRITUAL ADULTHOOD: Our Encoded Heritage, is the first in a twelve-volume series of mystical writings.  The textured strands of truth contained in the volumes of True North Transmissions are a compilation of insights and observations obtained by Mariangela Pino Landau through telepathically transmitted messages, self-facilitated vision quests and mystical contemplation. 

For multiple purposes, certain truths about the nature and structure of Divinity and our place and purpose within the cosmic design have been withheld, distorted and falsified, fueling certain conspiracies.  The twelve-volume series of True North Transmissions exposes propaganda currently being perpetuated in many secular and spiritual belief systems, including within the New Age spiritual movement. 

Exposing distortions and revealing living, liberating truth has a specific function in True North Transmissions, which is to infuse us with a fervid desire to own these truths so that we reclaim our cosmic identity and participate in weaving these threads of truth into an illuminating tapestry that will contribute to the critical mass required to complete paradigm shift.

As in many mystical and revelatory texts, there is an energy embedded in the pages of this series.  This energy functions as a vast encoded celestial highway to truths sleeping just beneath the surface. While some of these truths might provide comfort and encouragement by confirming your own insights or augmenting previous concepts, other of these truths will likely contradict current systems of psycho-spiritual beliefs and devotional practices. 

SPIRITUAL ADULTHOOD invites us to sift through the tenets of truth we have embraced, allowing for the possibility that a portion of what we’ve been holding as truth might now be holding us.  It beckons us to cast aside all outmoded notions and overthrow those assumptions that do not contribute to our destiny. 

This compelling volume explains that "being in the presence of these truths is comparable to regaining one’s memory after a protracted period of amnesia, and therefore we need touchstones capable of assisting us in recovery from any and all levels of amnesic states so that we can fully participate in illuminating and weaving together threads in the tapestry of truth.”  And this volume provides a pageant of vital touchstones to assist us on our journey of reclamation. 

This bold, brave work astutely reminds us that we are encoded to graduate spiritually, that this encoding predates all emotional, societal, psycho-spiritual and religious grids.  It explains that “the truths encoded in us are so powerful they’ll reorganize every part of our being and that as these codes are activated, we begin to reclaim our essence and experience quantum, full-spectrum transformation.  It unflinchingly affirms that as we do this, any chains that have bounds us dissolve, the knowledge encoded within us is activated, and we become liberated broadcasters of our cosmic heritage”. 

This exquisitely riveting and dynamic treatise on truth encourages us to put on our mystical robes, embrace our significance, step up to our incalculable co-creative opportunities, and recognize that our resistance to doing so is not a function of our fear driven egos, but rather of the awesome prospect of this type of co-creative responsibility. 

SPIRITUAL ADULTHOOD verifies that none of us need to dream of self-governing spiritual freedom or to hold onto a hope for a better tomorrow.  It is here, and we can participate in its emergence by illuminating the threads of our own truth, weaving them into a larger tapestry and reclaiming our essence. 

Mariangela Pino Landau, the founder and director of The Center for True North, is a Medium, Metaphysical Minister, Mystic, Poet and author of True North Transmissions, published in 2008. She earned a BA in Communications, an MFA in Performance Art, has studied and received accreditation from Unity Church, the Lyran/Causal Millennium Institute and the Church of Religious Science, and holds honorary Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Metaphysics Certificates. One of the programs designed and facilitated by Mariangela, True North Presentations, are offered approximately every six weeks throughout the year in a variety of local and international venues.  She has also authored five books of poetry.  



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