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Post by Jo   
Wednesday, 25 August 2010 13:46

Michael Tellinger is the South African author of Slave Species of God, Adams Calendar and Temples of the African Gods. He is a scientist in the true sense of the word, never shying away from controversial issues. He graduated in 1983 from the University Of Witwatersrand Medical School, Johannesburg, with a B.Pharmaceutics degree, a passion for the cosmos, genetics and human history. He says that everything we have been taught about our history is a lie. Watch more videos after the jump.
The Eternal Fire of Transformation by John Major Jenkins PDF Print E-mail
Post by John Major Jenkins   
Friday, 26 March 2010 08:45
Mayan Temple

"Throw your illusions into the fire. Sacrifice that which prevents you from seeing, and being part of, the big picture. The ancient Maya teaching that sacrifice is the key to successful transformation and renewal is still known to the modern Maya, and is being practiced today among traditional Maya groups in highland Guatemala". ~ John Major Jenkins
An Encounter with a Jinn (Genie) In Egypt - by Hank Wesselman PDF Print E-mail
Post by .Jo   
Thursday, 25 February 2010 12:42
Medinat Habu - Egypt

Anthropologist, author and shaman Hank Wesselman had an extraordinary encounter with a Jinn in a shrine at the great mortuary temple of Medinat Habu near the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. Their conversation contains mind-blowing and mind-freeing info regarding the higher intelligences responsible for this world, those beings who are human adversaries, extraterrestrials, and the potential greatness of being human. Read Hank's enlightening interview at {SharedWisdom}.
Image source: planet.ware.com - Medinat Habu
The Evolution of Evolution PDF Print E-mail
Post by Jo   
Wednesday, 27 January 2010 10:28
The Evolution of the Human Skull

Darwinian "vertical evolution" appears to be only part of the story of evolution and may only apply to a recent phase of life on Earth. According to microbiologist Carl Woese and physicist Nigel Goldenfeld, "horizontal evolution"may be the prevalent form of evolution responsible for altering life on Earth. Read more at {NewScientist}.

Image source: TehranTimes
Origin of the Species, From an Alien View PDF Print E-mail
Post by Corey Kilgannon   
Friday, 15 January 2010 16:00
Sumerian Tablets of Creation

"Where did humankind come from? If you're going to ask Zecharia Sitchin, be ready for a "Planet of the Apes" scenario: spaceships and hieroglyphics, genetic mutations and mutinous space aliens in gold mines." ~ Corey Kilgannon. Read Corey's interview with Zecharia Sitchin and watch videos after the jump.
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